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Laboratoire Ducastel
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Laboratoire Ducastel Brand series
Laboratoire Ducastel - hair care (Ducastel Laboratory) - France. elite professional French hair cosmetics.
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Laboratoire Ducastel - hair care (Ducastel Laboratory) - France.

Laboratoire Ducastel (Ducastel) - elite professional French hair cosmetics. Cosmetics, which not only make the result desirable, but also thanks to the care and healing components will keep your hair healthy and beautiful. What are the advantages of professional cosmetics for hair Laboratoire DUCASTEL (Ducastel)? The best pharmacists in France in close cooperation with stylists create it for you on the basis of high scientific technologies, taking all the best that nature gives us! All attention is focused on the requirements and needs of the salons. The products are of high quality, reliability and usability. Proof of high quality are the results of using our products in working with hair.

The history of the creation and development of the brand Laboratoire Ducastel

The history of Laboratoire Ducastel dates back to the discovery of a small home-made hair lacquer by French chemist Claude Brenton and his wife. Buyers quickly appreciated the quality of lacquers, which soon won the French market. After some time, the creators moved to the ecologically clean village of Castelfranc in the outskirts of Toulouse. It is there that they establish a small production of professional hair cosmetics, which in the future will grow into a huge factory that imports its products to dozens of countries around the world.

Laboratoire Ducastel is represented by such series of goods in the AZUM catalog:

  • DUCASTEL Subtil Color Lab - Care and treatment of hair without sulfates
  • Means for toning hair, enhancing color and shine, color correctors Ducastel
  • XRESCUE Keratrix ™ - unique restorative complex for hair 3D technology
  • Thermal protection means Laboratoire Ducastel (Subtil)
  • Styling Subtil Ducastel - trendy styling and care
  • Hair dye Ducastel (Subtil)
  • Ducastel Subtil Care - a curative line for hair care, etc.

In 1997 Laboratoire Ducastel became part of a large international concern Ales Groupe. Concern belongs to a well-known personality in the hairdressing business Patrick Ales. It was he who stood at the origins of the hairdressing art of the kind that we see now, and invented the famous round brush brush that people around the world use.

Only original and certified products! Laboratoire Ducastel is constantly improved and every product guarantees you an individual approach, health and beauty of hair. The innovative patented formula Epoline 100 Laboratoire Ducastel makes the application of cosmetics very simple, environmentally friendly and safe.

All, without exception, means TM Laboratoire DUCASTEL, created on the basis of natural plant components. Plants grow in different parts of the world: Asia, Oceania, South America, North America, Europe. They are carefully selected due to their rich content of trace elements and specific healing properties. Thanks to new extraction technologies, Laboratoire DUCASTEL cosmetics fully reproduces active plant components.

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To order the original products of Laboratoire Ducastel in the online store AZUM you will be more convenient and most profitable. Paints, hair care products, styling cosmetics to create original images from Laboratoire Ducastel - all this you can buy in the online store AZUM, without leaving home.