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Subtil Equalize
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DUCASTEL Subtil Equalize means for leveling the structure (porosity) of hair 200ml

Subtil Equalize - means for equalizing the structure of hair before coloring - 200ml Strengthens and nourishes hair during dyeing, perm and any other chemical procedure (bleaching, hair straightening, etc.). As a result, the hair is soft and shiny, the color is uniform. It protects the hair during the entire chemical procedure, provides a uniform result from the roots to the tips due to the presence of essential fatty acids. Smoothes the hair structure, restoring the intercellular bonds of the hair. In essential fatty acids contain the main lipids of the hair surface (an integral element of a healthy hair). It nourishes and protects hair from harmful external influences due to moisturizing agents. Mechanical action: adds shine and makes haircut easier. The conditioning substance is fixed on the surface of the hair, improves its mechanical properties, does not affect the alkaline reaction. Convenient application thanks to the dispenser. It has a light floral smell.