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Term of return

The goods purchased for AZUM can be returned within 14 calendar days from the moment of its receipt.

Return Policy

  1. Fill out and print the return form.
  2. In the box with the returned goods, put a copy of the passport , a copy of the check for payment and a return form .
  3. Send your parcel to us back.

Methods of return of goods

Through the branch "Nova Poshta" or by courier.

The cost of the service is paid by the sender of the return - according to the tariffs of the carrier. When making a return, the estimated value of the returned goods must be indicated at the same price as indicated on the order form. Please note: if you specify "cash on delivery" in the payment method, we will not receive the parcel. Such parcels are returned to the sender.

Ways of refunding money

  1. To a bank card - Most of our customers prefer a refund to a bank card - it's fast and very convenient. The return of money to a bank card takes from 4 minutes to 3 days.
  2. To a personal account - Money credited to your personal account can be used to pay for purchases in AZUM

Goods not refundable:

  • Cosmetic products and goods in aerosol containers;
  • goods for newborns (diapers, nipples, feeding bottles, etc.);
  • underwear, body, corsets, bathing suits;
  • night shirts, pajamas, dressing gowns, home suits;
  • hosiery;
  • bed linen, towels, bedspreads, blankets;
  • toothbrushes, razors, shaving brushes, combs, scallops, massage brushes, manicure and pedicure tools;
  • pillows, blankets;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • gloves, mittens;
  • jewelry;
  • food products and alcoholic beverages.

Return these goods can only be due to the discovery of marriage or non-compliance with the order.

Warranty does not cover the following cases:

  • natural wear or depletion of its resource;
  • accidental damage caused by the customer or damage resulting from negligence or use (exposure to liquids, dust, ingress of foreign objects, etc.);
  • damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena);
  • damage caused by defects in the system in which the product was used, or caused as a result of connecting the product to other products;
  • damage caused by the use of the goods for other purposes or in violation of the rules of operation;
  • inoperability of software that is not included in the product.

Please note: if the item you sent does not meet the required conditions and is not subject to return for this reason, we will send it back to you. Shipping costs in this case AZUM does not cover.


Download application for return: "Application for REFUND" »

Exchange and return of goods purchased in the online store AZUM, is carried out in accordance with the "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights".


Yes, within 14 days from the receipt of the parcel you can return any goods, except those that are not subject to exchange and return under the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

After acceptance of return in a warehouse, money will be transferred to a bank card or personal account - up to 5 working days.