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Laboratoire Ducastel - Illuminated powder 500g

Subtil Blond
Product code: 40319
Lightening Powder Subtil Blond - A super effective remedy for lightening hair. Brightens up to 8 tones. It has a pleasant smell. It acts gently on the scalp.
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Lightening Powder Subtil Blond

Super effective means for lightening hair. Brightens up to 8 tones. It has a pleasant smell. Sparing on the scalp

Lightening hair is a very important step, deciding on which means putting your hair at risk. If you want your transformation into a blonde to not have any negative consequences, then you need to buy a brightening powder "Subtil Blond".

Pleasant, delicate aroma of menthol and soft, docile hair, this is not all the properties of the tool. With the help of powder, hair can be lit up to 7 tones, it all depends on the proportions and the color that you want to end up with. Still, this tool is absolutely safe for hair, since the main components are wheat proteins and guar gum. These ingredients nourish hair, make it silky and docile. Menthol in the product is responsible not only for the fragrance, but also for the cooling of the scalp.

With the help of lightening powder, you can not only evenly dye your hair, but make highlights of any complexity, or achieve the effect of “ombré”.

You want your hair to be healthy, beautiful, and the new color is saturated, then make a choice in favor of the right product, which will give your hair lightness , shine and perfect look.

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Hair type All types of hair
Functions Lighting, Nutrition
Texture Friable, Dry
Weight 500g
Type Powder / Powder
Brand Laboratoire Ducastel
Serie Illuminating means
Country of ™ Франция
Categories Hair coloring and toning - Lighting Volos

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