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Azum Bonus bonus system for payment for goods
AzumBonus - clever shopping twice.
Accumulate Bonuses and pay them up to 100% of any purchase!


To activate the bonus account, confirm your current phone number. Activation of the Bonus Account occurs once - when registering on the site! In the future, you only accumulate and use Bonuses

Bonuses subject to accrual are shown in the product card, and the total amount is shown in the basket when placing the order (Bonuses are not credited to promotional goods). 14 days after the transfer of the order to the status "Done", you will be credited with Bonuses to your bonus account in the Personal Area on the site. You will be notified by transferring your Bonuses by e-mail and by SMS to the phone number that you provided when registering on the site.

You can pay up to 100% of the purchase price on the AZUM website with Bonuses. It is very simple to use them: specify when paying for the amount of accumulated Bonuses you want to use to pay for the order, and the amount will be reduced. 1 bonus = 1 UAH.


Bonus - this is a discount, provided for purchases on the site AZUM, expressed in monetary terms.

Please note that unused Bonuses is burned on December 31 this year. From January 1 next year, Bonuses will accumulate again.

  1. The accrual and use of Bonuses is not available when purchasing Gift Certificates

  2. Bonuses can not be used to pay for shipping for an order

  • Bonuses can be used in combination with payment in cash or by bank card

  • Bonuses can only pay for goods

  • if you made an order using the bonuses and canceled it

  • if you return the goods because you did not fit the size, color or style, or simply the product itself was not needed

  • Bonuses granted to the user can be canceled at any time (both for the entire period and partially) and / or their validity term is reduced at the discretion of the site administration

In case of cancellation or return of the order for reasons "Goods with a defect" or "Product does not match the order" bonuses are returned to the bonus account.


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* AzumBonus loyalty program is valid only for retail customers

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