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We invite you to join our Team AZUM!
In case of interest, we offer a ready resume send to the e-mail address 

We invite the content manager (copywriter) for remote work.


  • Writing unique information texts for the site (copyright).
  • Filling with new brands, goods.

We do not have special requirements, but we expect to see:

  • Skills of copywriting (writing text on a given topic);
  • The ability to correctly and structurally express the essence without grammatical and logical errors;
  • Possession of the themes of product categories presented on the site or the ability to understand the topic;
  • Responsibility in meeting the deadlines for delivery of material;
  • Industriousness and efficiency.


  • Remote work (freelancing)
  • Corporate discount for the entire range of products online store.

AZUM company has competitive advantages, which ensure the constant growth and development of the Team. In connection with the expansion of staff, we invite a sales specialist to an online store.


Whom are we looking for?

You love people and enjoy communicating with them. A call from a customer who doubts and yet does not know which product to choose causes a sense of excitement. Because for you it's not just a conversation, it's a quest filled with the pleasure of finding and choosing the most suitable solution and proposal. You know exactly how to help a client and know how to do it.

Quality sale, satisfied customer, successful manager. So we see you!


What do we have to do:

  • receiving incoming calls;
  • processing of orders;
  • professional consulting of customers on technical characteristics and properties of goods;
  • increase customer loyalty;


To achieve successful results you will help:

  • knowledge of assortment of goods;
  • application of sales techniques;
  • readiness for intensive work;
  • focus on results.


  • a young, friendly team of like-minded people;
  • work in one of the most promising areas of trade development;
  • a decent level and timely payment of wages;
  • official registration
  • corporate discount for the entire range of products online store;
  • schedule of work 2/2 from 9:00 to 21:00;

Our vacancy is an opportunity to realize our potential and achieve professional growth.

We invite SMM specialist / advertising specialist .

You are energetic and socially active. You have good taste and developed artistic perception. You understand what situational marketing is, feel the trends and are ready for non-standard steps. You have work experience and formed your own opinion about the specifics of the promotion of the online store.


What do we have to do?

  • Develop advertising campaigns;
  • Promote the project in social networks and popular instant messengers;
  • Engage in e-mail newsletters;
  • Analyze the result;
  • Pay attention to other related work.


To achieve successful results you will help:

  • Profile education;
  • Experience in marketing and SMM;
  • Readiness and desire to solve complex problems in surprising ways;
  • Understanding the subject area;
  • Ability to use marketing communications competently;
  • Skill in working with graphics programs;

What do we offer?

  • Wages according to the results of the interview;
  • Official registration;
  • Corporate discount for the entire range of products online store;
  • Working hours: 5/2 from 09:00 to 18:00;

Our vacancy is an opportunity to realize our potential and achieve professional growth.