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Genesis - Professional Korean cosmetics
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Genesis - Korean facial cosmetics

Genesis Multi R-7 Essence Multi-Serum Essence Serum, 50ml
Professional Essence For Combination Skin With Inflammation GENESIS 3CNE Repairing & Rejuvenation Essence, 50ml
Skin Cream Prone To Rashes Genesis 3CNE White Rejuvenation Cream
Genesis SAM Intensive Moisturizing Cream For Sensitive Skin, 100g
Therapeutic BB Cream For Perfect Face Tone GENESIS Recovery Blemish Balm SPF30 PA ++, 40ml
Genesis 3cne Whip Cleanser Facial Wash, 150ml
Sunscreen Genesis EGF Allday Perfect Suncream SPF 50+ PA ++++, 60ml
Genesis Enzyme Cleanser Enzyme Cleanser 40g

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