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Davines Brand series
Davines - hair care, professional hair cosmetics (Davines) - Italy. One of the leading manufacturers of professional hair care and body care products of PREMIUM class.
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Davines (Davines) - hair care, professional hair cosmetics - Italy.

Davines SpA Italy is one of the leading manufacturers of professional hair and body care products of PREMIUM class. The name of the company is associated with tremendous success in the cosmetic market and rapid economic growth. Products Davines fell in love in more than 65 countries.
Established in 1983 in Parma (Italy) by Mr. David Bollati, the company annually expands the range of products, thereby making the life of its partners more intense.
Today, Davines is an active and successful company, which by the level of production is an international corporation. Davines is the world's leading manufacturer of cosmetics.

DAVINES - what is it?

Davines is a family company that is influenced by Italian history, culture, art. Most importantly, we do things that we like! This gives us the freedom to create products that are original, authentic and emotionally related to people.
David Bollati is the owner of the family brand Davines. The pharmacist by education, sincerely believes that "Simplicity of form and environmental friendliness is the main concept of Davines"
At this stage, Davines is a product that conceptually embodies a lifestyle, in which BEAUTY is the main advantage and the main sign of health. Davines has always used the latest developments in the recipe of products, care systems, accessories, in-depth training, management services and entrepreneurial projects.

Safety and ease of use of the product became possible due to the company's huge investments in research and development.
Prestigiousness inherent in the product Davines, consists of its quality, clinical trials, the cost of materials and the results of subjective assessments.

Reviews DAVINES only positive why?

As a part of the products, the maximum amount of natural ingredients.
Davines grows raw materials in Brazil, on its own plantations, in an ecologically clean area. The Davines factory uses the latest equipment.
Products are manufactured and improved due to huge investments in their own scientific development. Davines is a unique style - refinement. simplicity and harmony.
Davines - buys electricity only from suppliers that use natural sources (ie wind, solar, etc.)
Davines packaging is only food plastic.
Davines - actively participates in world programs on preservation of the environment.
Davines organizes work with partners on friendly, trusting relationships.

Dynamic, passionate. We invite you to join the Renaissance. Find inspiration in one of the most exquisite styles of world history. This means a new and at the same time a rigorous, classical approach to hair care that combines the beauty of the past and the present.

Davines is a family company founded by members of one of the oldest aristocratic clans of Parma (Italy) in 1983. We started our activity as a research laboratory, producing high quality products for hair and skin care for world-famous cosmetics companies.

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