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T-Shock Centro Messegue - Set of leggings Slim Up + stik anti-cellulite Black, S (44)

Leggings SlimApp
Product code: 230257-S
T-Shock SlimApp Set of leggings Slim Up + stick anti-cellulite, 75ml. Helps to locally reduce the volume, improve skin texture. Helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
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Set of leggings Slim Up + stik anti-cellulite T-Shock

The T-Shock leggings fabric contains polyamide fibers with EMANA bioceramics active crystals that absorb body heat and return as long infrared rays. Long infrared rays are electromagnetic waves that are fundamental to our health.

When using leggings with EMANA bioceramic particles in the fabric, the temperature rises in the areas of contact of the leggings with the skin. This is due to the expansion of blood vessels that increase local blood flow. In the process, cell metabolism is stimulated, the excess amount of fluid in the cell is reduced, and swelling passes.

Legendy Slim Up for active women! Suitable for sports, help to be in shape and effectively fight body fat from waist to ankle!

Slim Up leggings are recommended to wear:

  • 6 hours a day
  • daily
  • within 30 days
  • in combination with T-Shock Stick
  • washable at 30C
  • do not wear during pregnancy
  • Also slim up leggings:
  • do not lose their properties during washing
  • no need to iron


  • local volume reduction, improved skin texture
  • fabric with active crystals of bioceramics has a mechanical compression effect, helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks
  • increases skin tone and elasticity, increases collagen production
  • thanks to micromassage exchange processes are enhanced
  • due to improved thermoregulation and a decrease in the lactic acid content in the tissues, sports performance increases
  • microblood circulation improves in fatty tissues
  • drainage: excess fluid and toxins are removed

STICKT-SHOCK can be used daily, while traveling, playing sports, in home care, to always have the perfect figure and skin.

The complex effect of natural plant components and trace elements has:

  • DRAINING action: removal of fluid along with toxins in the areas of localization of cellulite.
  • DETOX: plant extracts that are part of the stick, can neutralize a number of toxins and contribute to their removal through the skin.
  • LIPOLITICAL action: plant extracts of pineapple and fucus activate the enzyme lipase, and promote the breakdown of fat cells.
  • ANTIOXIDANT action: prevents the formation of free radicals in the tissues, improves the function of the dermis and hypodermis.
  • TONING effect: plant extracts increase the elasticity of tissues, the skin becomes moisturized and elastic.
  • CAFFEIN: stimulates blood microcirculation, prevents adipocyte deposition.
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Product characteristics
Colour Black
Size S
Brand T-Shock Centro Messegue
Serie Leggings SlimApp T-Shock
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Clothes Bottom - Leggings

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