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T-Shock Centro Messegue
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T-Shock Centro Messegue Brand series
Centro Messegue Baldan Group - T-Shock - Professional Cosmetics (Italy) - based on skin care and a curative approach to the problem of excess weight and cellulite.
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Centro Messegue Baldan Group - T-Shock - Professional Cosmetics Centro Messegue Baldan Group (Italy) - based on skin care and a curative approach to the problem of excess weight and cellulite.

Line of means for correction of figure and cosmetology procedure T-Shock - bandage wrapping, allowing to reduce body volumes to -80 cm (by the sum of measurements) for 1 procedure . Thanks to the unique formulation and balanced ingredient composition of 31 medicinal plants, the company has developed the means to visibly reduce body volume and get rid of T-SHOCK 31 cellulite. T-SHOCK 31 preparations are created by the Centro Messegue laboratory on the basis of the research of physician-phytotherapeutist Maurice Messaghe, phytotherapy. Centro Messegue is a synthesis of the latest advances in science of skin care and the natural potential of natural components

The result of intensive scientific research conducted by experts was the creation of the cosmetic line Centro Messegue (Centro Mesage), which is considered to be a high fashion of cosmetic art. Nursing meets the needs of any client, as they are selected by cosmetologists individually depending on the nature of the skin. Centro Messegue embodies the idea of ​​creating the most effective and safe skin care, and helps to gain strength and energy with the help of natural active components, restoring vitality. Centro Messegue will allow you to create one of the best, elaborate complex rituals for combination skin that will make it clean, balanced, and the complexion shining. For dry skin, create a beauty ritual that combines superior technologies, sensual textures and wonderful smells in its magnificent means. The result is a radiant color, tenderness and a sense of comfort! Beauty rituals of Centro Messegue for aging skin slow the aging processes, increase the life cycle of skin cells and increase their Anti Age potential. The strength of plants for sensitive skin in the ritual of Centro Messegue will bring pleasure and harmony - what it needs so much! Precious alchemy provides not only beauty, but also a feeling of perfect well-being and true harmony. Specialists of Centro Messegue have developed a number of professional salon procedures, perfect and unique, which meet the needs of any client, as they are selected by the cosmetologist individually depending on the nature of the skin.

The beginning of the development of the philosophy of the Centro Messegue brand can be attributed to 1947, when the French physician phytotherapeutist Maurice Messegue embarked on his practical activities. All knowledge of medicinal herbs and plants Marisu transferred to his family, which for 450 years, studied their properties and beneficial effects on humans. Now Centro Messegue are luxurious beauty rituals based on the beneficial properties of plants that take care of your body. All products of this brand does not contain any preservatives, dyes and products of oil origin. Due to the wide knowledge and nature of the skin of a person, only natural ingredients and strict quality control, your client will satisfy all his needs, will remain satisfied and will want to prolong the pleasure obtained from the rituals of beauty of Centro Messegue.


T-shock wrapping by Centro Mességué
Modern cosmetic procedure of bandage wrapping T-SHOCK, allowing to "lose weight in front of your eyes." The T-SHOCK procedure will not only allow you to get rid of unnecessary volumes, but also to see this clearly. A special feature of the procedure is to measure the volumes "before" and "after" and use only two means: gel and salt for bandage wrapping. The procedure is easy and enjoyable! A special gel with extracts of medicinal plants, united by a unique formula, is applied to the body. Further the body is wrapped with elastic bandages, previously soaked in salt. An hour later, measurements are made, clearly demonstrating a decrease in body volume.

The T-SHOCK procedure can be used at any time of the year . You and your clients will be convinced of the effectiveness after the first procedure.