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The book "Tarot in the Subtle World" Maria Marchenko

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The book "Tarot in the Subtle World" Maria Marchenko - a book about fortune-telling and the history of the Tarot, and about the Subtle World, and about man precisely from this, the Subtle World, drawing to itself the troubles, the joys and this even does not guess.
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The book "Tarot in the Subtle World" Maria Marchenko

What is the Tarot? The divining system. It is in this capacity that it is known today to the majority and even popular.
On the one hand, this book is also about fortune-telling. In it you will find descriptions of unique author's layouts: for diagnosing magical abilities, determining the state of thin bodies or health status, or relationships - from the perspective of cause-effect relationships; interpretation of the Old Arkans as stages of personal evolution, the author's method of determining time intervals ...
On the other hand, you will learn about the history of the Tarot, about the Subtle World, and about man from precisely this, Thin, world, which draws troubles to you, then joys and it does not even guess at all.
But in whatever aspect, in what realities (historical, mystical, psychological) the author presents us Tarot cards - in each of them they invariably appear as a bridge between the worlds, as an amazing tool for working with the subconscious, as a storehouse of universal wisdom, as a compass on the way to the truth.

Author: Maria Marchenko
Publisher: Amrita-Rus
Year: 2012
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-5-413-01015-0
Russian language
Binding: Soft

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