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Lovien Essential - Honey shampoo 4l

Honey Shampoo
Product code: 33129
Lovien Essential Honey Shampoo - Honey Shampoo. It strengthens hair well, preventing hair loss. Hair becomes smooth and gorgeous.
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Lovien Essential Honey Shampoo - Honey Shampoo .

Honey Shampoo strengthens hair well, preventing hair loss

If you want to intensively heal your hair and nourish it with useful components in order to restore its former beauty and health, use honey shampoo from the Italian manufacturer Lovien Essential. Enriched with natural almond extract and honey, it is a storehouse of vitamins and active trace elements that positively affect the condition of the hair.

  • In addition to intensive nutrition and saturation with the missing components.
  • It gently acts on the scalp, softens and moisturizes, giving freshness and a sense of comfort.
  • After applying the shampoo, the hair becomes shiny, silky, dryness and excessive fluffiness are eliminated.

Hair becomes smooth and luxurious.

Method of application : wash hair with shampoo, rinse.

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Hair type All types of hair
Functions For shine, From hair loss, Nutrition, Mitigation, Moistening, Strengthening, For smoothness of hair
Volume 4l
Brand Lovien Essential
Serie Treatment and care of hair
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Shampoos for hair

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