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Lovien Essential - Almond Shampoo 4l

Almond Shampoo
Product code: 33131
Lovien Essential Almond Shampoo - Almond Shampoo. Provides deep hydration and hair restoration. Makes hair obedient, shiny and strong.
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Lovien Essential Almond Shampoo - Almond Shampoo.

Almond Shampoo provides deep hydration and hair restoration

You can easily give your hair health and beauty along with almond shampoo from the Italian brand Lovien Essential. The company's specialists improved the shampoo formula and made it as harmless as possible for human health and the environment! They also supplemented it with active ingredients that will transform your hair over and over again and make it truly beautiful!

  • It contains a protein complex, which ensures deep hydration and restoration of hair, starting with their structure.
  • Thanks to it, the number of cut ends will be noticeably reduced, the hair itself will become more elastic, which will protect it from brittleness and loss.
  • Almond extract will significantly strengthen the hair, and will also actively stimulate the growth of new hairs, strong, shiny and smooth.
  • The shampoo itself has a pleasant aroma, delicately washing the hair and scalp, making it easy to comb.

Makes hair obedient, shiny and strong

Method of application : wash hair with shampoo, rinse

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Hair type All types of hair
Functions Recovery, For shine, For hair growth, From the section of hair, Cleansing, Moistening, Strengthening, For easy combing, For smoothness of hair
Volume 4l
Brand Lovien Essential
Serie Treatment and care of hair
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Shampoos for hair

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