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Lovien Essential - Universal oil 250ml

Essential Multi Use Professional Oil
Product code: 33133
Lovien Essential Multi Use Professional Oil - Universal oil. Universal oil provides a deep effect, restoring the radiance of its surface. Keeps your hair vibrant and radiant in any shade.
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Lovien Essential Multi Use Professional Oil - Universal oil.

Multi Use Professional Oil regenerates hair shaft structure

Specialists of the Italian brand of professional hair cosmetics Lovien Essential recommend this universal oil to anyone who seeks to additionally protect the strands during bleaching or dyeing, moisturize them and have a restoring effect. This product will be especially indispensable for owners of dry and brittle hair, prone to brittleness.

  • The high effectiveness of the product is due to the content of luxurious natural oils and extracts in the composition.
  • The components are aimed at a deep impact, regenerating the structure of the hair shaft and restoring the radiance of its surface.

Do not restrain yourself in the desire to try on new images, changing the color of your hair! Just get support from Lovien Essential Universal Protective Oil.

Keeps your hair vibrant and shiny in any shade.

Method of application: to protect the hair before painting, apply along the entire length of the hair. To moisturize during the process of coloring and discoloration, add paint or powder to the finished mixture. To restore hair, apply to wet hair before washing, soak for 5 minutes.

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Product characteristics
Hair type All types of hair, Dry
Functions Recovery, Moistening
Volume 250ml
Brand Lovien Essential
Serie Treatment and care of hair
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Oils for hair

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