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Lovien Essential - Botox Effect Deep Recovery Spray 150ml

Botox Filler Spray
Product code: 33141
Lovien Essential Botox Filler Spray - A deep recovery spray with the Botox effect. Seals hair rods, restores. Smoothes keratin flakes, reduces their porosity.
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Lovien Essential Botox Filler Spray - A deep recovery spray with the Botox effect.

Botox Filler Spray tightens hair rods, restores

The Italian cosmetic brand Lovien Essential presents a professional product that is able to quickly and efficiently restore the structure of even heavily damaged curls. Especially such a spray is suitable for owners of overdried and depleted hair. Botox Filler Spray fills in damaged areas.

  • Arginine, which is part of the spray, retains moisture and provides effective protection against damage.
  • Thanks to propylene glycol, the drug provides the removal of a static electric charge.
  • Thanks to the component dimethicone - makes curls shiny.
  • Soybean extract tightens the hair and gives it elasticity and visible volume.

Smoothes keratin flakes, reduces their porosity

Method of application: After using shampoo and mask from the same series, apply Botox along the entire length. Pay particular attention to the tips. Botox for hair does not require rinsing. Use the product 2-3 times a week, for severely damaged hair - every day.

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Product characteristics
Hair type All types of hair, Damaged
Functions Antistatic, Recovery, For shine, For volume, Smoothing
Volume 150ml
Brand Lovien Essential
Serie Lovien Botox Filler - Botox Series for Deep Hair Restoration
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Sprays and elixirs for hair; Hair treatment - Botox for hair

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