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Nirvel Professional - Beard wax 50ml

Beard end Mustache Wax
Product code: 6590
Beard end Mustache Wax - A unique styling product specifically designed for mustache and beard styling.
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Beard end Mustache Wax Beard Wax

This is a unique styling product designed specifically for modeling mustache and beard. The tool has a professionally developed composition, which fully takes into account the peculiarities of this type of hair, as well as soft fixing qualities, which provide a completely natural look.

Nirvel Barber Wax wax has the following features:

  • guarantees the absence of both matte and glossy shine;
  • keeps an absolutely natural mustache and beard;
  • gently fixes without the slightest hint of hair gluing or stiffness;
  • has a strong conditioning and caring effect;
  • does not adversely affect the skin of the face.

With wax Nirvel Barber Wax, you can attach different shapes to your mustache and beard, while being absolutely sure that the styling will not lose its original shape during the day, it will remain as strict and accurate as it was in the first minutes after creation. Also means caring for the hair, with each use makes them more dense, soft and docile.

Application: rub a small portion of wax with your fingertips and transfer to a mustache or beard. Give them the desired shape. The product is completely removed during washing.

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Product characteristics
Functions To strengthen
Volume 50ml
Brand Nirvel Professional
Serie Barber - Care for beard, mustache and facial skin
Country of ™ Испания
Categories Beard and Mustache Care - Beard waxes

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