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Nirvel Professional
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Nirvel Professional Brand series
Nirvel Professional - cosmetics for hair care (Nirvel) - Spain.
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Nirvel Professional - cosmetics for hair care (Nirvel) - Spain.

To reveal all the potential possibilities of hairdressing creativity, to perfectly satisfy any client's needs, the products of the unique company Nirvel Professional, which has been creating magnificent hair care products for more than thirty-five years, will help to work with inspiration and ease. Spanish company Nirvel Professional originated in 1979 thanks to the efforts of Jorge Vakuer, the son of a successful businessman working in the perfume industry. The project of Jorge Vakuera, created especially for the realization of the most courageous creative ideas of the masters, helped not only the hairdressers, but also all who need professional hair care products at home. The solid family company that Nirvel Professional has become over the years has become the focal point of thousands of business opportunities, a means of creative inspiration for craftsmen and a great product for the ultimate consumer of hair care products. Today, Nirvel Professional products are famous not only in Spain, but also won an excellent reputation in the markets of Europe and America. Nirvel Professional products are trusted by millions of customers around the world, and excellent quality and an incredible product range is accompanied by the continuous search for new solutions and technologies. Presence of own laboratory, wide technological base and talented researchers, cooperating with Nirvel Professional, allows creating products that take into account the peculiarities of consumers from different countries: taste preferences, hair types, individual appearance factors.

Nirvel products are represented by such series of goods in the AZUM catalog:

  • Nirvel Camouflage gray - especially for men
  • Cabello Sano - Daily hair care
  • Cabello Sano Therapy - Therapy of scalp problems
  • Barber - Caring for the beard, mustache and skin
  • Basic - Hair Care and Restoration
  • Keratin Liss - Keratin Recovery
  • Artic Blond - Care and recovery for cold blond shades
  • Sun Care - To protect hair from the sun
  • Styling - Nirvel Styling
  • Nirvel Color - Staining and blonding
  • Servis Product - Service Tools
  • Hyaluronic - Hair rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid
  • Tecnica - Permanent hair wave

Benefits from Nirvel

  • Proven composition of the components of the facilities;
  • Compliance with strict quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA);
  • Constant quality control of production;
  • Scientific developments in improving formulas;
  • Pleasant color, smell and texture of products;
  • Convenient packaging and dosage of products;
  • Creation of products on the basis of natural active extracts;
  • Anti-allergenic cosmetics for hair;
  • Careful attitude to the structure of the hair during dyeing, waving, straightening procedures;
  • Improvement of the appearance of hair in systematic and complex care;
  • After-sales service within the framework of a full range of service support and training for hairdressers.

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The quality and result of using Nirvel Professional is a guarantee of success and a high image of the stylist or hairdresser!