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Nirvel Professional - Lighting cream 500ml

ArtX Decocream
Product code: 6079
ArtX Decocream lightening cream - A unique formula of balanced lightening ingredients allows you to gently discolor up to 8 tones without disturbing the integrity of the hair
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ArtX Decocream Lightening Cream

The cream effectively blondes hair and removes unwanted cosmetic color.

The unique formula of balanced lightening components allows you to carefully discolor up to 8 tones, without compromising the integrity of the hair

The oil jojoba which is a part protects structure and prevents drying of hair in the course of clarification, and also reduces risk of emergence of irritation on head skin. Thanks to an innovative creamy texture, the cream does not swell, does not dry and does not flow and gently affects our scalp and hair. It mixes easily.


Used with ArtX oxidizer in proportion 1: 1.5 - highlighting, closed techniques (30 ml. Cream + 45 ml. Oxidant) and in proportion 1: 2 - classical clarification (30 ml. Cream + 60 ml. Oxidizer).

The choice of the percentage of oxidizer as when working with powders.


When using blonding drugs, you can add fluid with Argan oil to mitigate the aggressive effect of high percentages on the hair. Proportion: 1 ml. 60 ml of Argan oil fluid. coloring mixture.

When using oxidizing agents (6%, 9%), you must add Clean Skin or Clean Scalp to protect the scalp. Proportion: 6-12 drops per 60 ml. bleaching mixture.

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Hair type All types of hair, Painted, Blonde hair
Functions Lighting
Type Cream for lightening hair
Volume 500ml
Brand Nirvel Professional
Serie Color - Coloring and Blonding
Country of ™ Испания
Categories Hair coloring and toning - Lighting Volos

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