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Lovien Essential - Anti-yellow shampoo 250ml

Anti-Yellow Shampoo
Product code: 33110
Lovien Essential Anti-Yellow Shampoo - Anti-Yellow Shampoo. Cleanses hair, makes them soft. It has an antistatic effect.
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Lovien Essential Anti-Yellow Shampoo - Anti-Yellow Shampoo .

Shampoo Anti-Yellow cleanses and softens hair

Lovien Essential - professional hair products designed to satisfy the most demanding customers, motivated by forty years of experience in the cosmetics industry. Long-term studies of Lovien Essential, conducted to a large extent by international researchers and verified by Italian laboratories, are mainly based on the creation of new formulas that are as harmful to humans and the environment as possible.

  • Shampoo with anti-yellow effect removes unwanted yellowness of bleached and gray hair (more than 50% gray hair).
  • Thanks to the active ingredients that make up the shampoo, it has an antistatic effect.
  • Thanks to special macromolecules it evens out the hair structure and removes unwanted shades.

It has an antistatic effect.

How to use: wash your hair like an ordinary shampoo. Reapply on hair, rinse after 2-5 minutes.

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Product characteristics
Hair type Age-related, All types of hair, Painted
Functions Antistatic, Hair straightening, Cleansing, Mitigation
Volume 250ml
Brand Lovien Essential
Serie Treatment and care of hair
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Shampoos for hair

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