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Lovien Essential - Multivitamin fluid 120ml

Silk Cream
Product code: 33116
Lovien Essential Silk Cream - Multivitamin Fluid. Provides instant nutrition to dry and damaged hair. Does not make the hair heavier, makes it soft and silky.
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Lovien Essential Silk Cream - Multivitamin Fluid.

Silk Cream provides instant nutrition to dry and damaged hair

Lovien Essential - professional hair products designed to satisfy the most demanding customers, motivated by forty years of experience in the cosmetics industry. Long-term studies of Lovien Essential, conducted to a large extent by international researchers and verified by Italian laboratories, are mainly based on the creation of new formulas that are as harmful to humans and the environment as possible.

  • Does not make the hair heavier, makes it soft and silky.
  • Thanks to the oil and silicone-containing formula, it acts as a conditioner and repairs damaged hair ends.

Method of application: apply to damp clean hair, do styling.

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Product characteristics
Hair type Damaged, Dry
Functions Recovery, Nutrition, Mitigation
Volume 120ml
Brand Lovien Essential
Serie Treatment and care of hair
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Serums and fluids for hair

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