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Workshop of Svartas - Health Rune Amulet Compound

Product code: 1585131811
Healing Rune - a unique graphic formula that helps to cure existing diseases, helping to prevent their occurrence in the future.
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Runic Amulet Compound Health Rune

This is a rune of becoming, made up of four runes of the Elder Futhark, which mutually reinforce each other's actions, helping to stop the development of existing diseases and to qualitatively improve the physical and mental state of the owner.

  • ᛉ Algiz - the rune of the patronage of the Gods, appeal to the Higher Forces with a request for help and support in the healing process
  • I Isa - stopping painful processes, freezing an unfavorable situation.
  • ᛞ Dagaz - transformation, a qualitative change in the state of health for the better.
  • ᛖ Eyvaz - the correct movement towards healing.

Compound Health Rune is made on an ash tree saw cut. Since ancient times, ash has been attributed to magical properties - the tree bark enhances the runic symbols applied to it, protects against negative influences, helps maintain good spirits and physical health, reduces fatigue and helps to cope with nervous tension.

In the mythology of the northern peoples, the ash tree symbolizes the world tree Yggdrasil, which is considered a conductor between the different nine worlds. It sprouts with its roots and branches, uniting the world of Gods and people, and connects the past and the future.

The product is a unique author's work, performed in a single copy.

Purpose: health, long life, peace, peace of mind, recovery, healing from chronic diseases, mental health

Amulet (talisman) healing, recovery, and protection against diseases

Given the life-nature amulet, please note that with the further drying, especially in hot, dry areas, on the saw cut ash appear natural fractures.

height - 26 cm
width - 24 cm
depth - 21 cm

weight - 1.31 kg

Material: wood saw cut ash, polymer clay, acrylic paint

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Product characteristics
Material Wood - Ash, Clay polymer
Functions Peace of Mind, Healing, Mental health, Healing, Health, Long life
Futhark ᛞ Dagaz, ᛖ Ehwaz, ᛉ Algiz, ᛁ Isaz
Brand Workshop of Svartas
Country of ™ Украина
Categories Runic decor - Runes of health

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