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BC Excellium - for mature hair
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BC EXCELLIUM - for mature hair

The BC EXCELLIUM series is a unique development of the Schwarzkopf Professional brand, which allows women to look great at any age. Special means, fully take into account age-related changes and the needs of mature hair in nutrition and care, make them unsurpassed beautiful and charmingly shiny.

The BC EXCELLIUM line includes 2 product groups:

  1. BC EXCELLIUM Taming Q10 + Omega 3 for hard and dyed mature hair
  2. BC EXCELLIUM Plumping Q10 + Collagen for thin and dyed mature hair

The main components of the BC EXCELLIUM line are:
Coenzymes Q10 - the substance in every cell of the human body responsible for the production of keratin. With age, coenzymes weak, so it is vital for the skin to receive them from the outside. Penetrating into cells, they positively influence the synthesis of structural proteins, return elasticity and a luxurious appearance to hair.
Omega 3 fatty acids are the most valuable source of lipids, which has an antioxidant effect. With it, the strands acquire the softness of cashmere and bewitching brilliance, flow and perfectly hold the shape of the haircut. Collagen is a structural protein that can be embedded in the structure of the hair and condense it from the inside. Gradually accumulating, he adds strands of splendor, makes them noticeably larger (at least 25%), and also more elastic.