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Schwarzkopf Professional
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Schwarzkopf Professional Brand series
Schwarzkopf Professional - cosmetics for hair care - Germany.
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Schwarzkopf Professional - cosmetics for hair care - Germany.

History: the Schwarzkopf Professional brand is now known to everyone. And the history of the company began 120 years ago, in a small chemist's shop in the German capital in Berlin. German pharmacist Hans Schwarzkopf in the early twenties of the last century created a cult nowadays brand of his name. In 1903, the chemist Hans Schwarzkopf invented the formula of a water-soluble powdered shampoo. The remedy immediately became super popular, because it was an excellent alternative to regular soap or expensive oils. In 1927, Hans released the world's first liquid shampoo. A year later an enterprising pharmacist created Schwarzkopf hair conditioner, and in 1933 received a patent for the revolutionary for those days alkaline shampoo, which became the basis of the current means for washing hair. In 1949, the famous Schauma was born - the first creamy shampoo in a tube. In the 1950s, stacking became important, and Schwarzkopf Professional offers the product Taft - the so-called liquid hair net. The product was so much to the liking of consumers that even the word tafting appeared, meaning "to model a hairdress with the help of hairspray."

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Today, this brand is a guarantee of quality and is still one of the leaders in the field of hair care, styling and staining. Cosmetics for hair Schwarzkopf in Ukraine. The products of Schwarzkopf Professional are a series of cosmetic products intended for use in home and salon conditions. The main purpose of Schwarzkopf professional is in the ability to carry out hair care of different types. A wide variety of Schwarzkopf hair products allows everyone to quickly and easily pick up and buy Schwarzkopf Professional masks, shampoos, balms, hair coloring agents.

Cosmetics Schwarzkopf Professional is represented by such series of goods in the AZUM catalog:

SILHOUETTE - classic styling for styling hair
OSIS Setting - styling of hair styling products
BONACURE OIL MIRACLE - miracle oil for hair
BONACURE REPAIR RESCUE - restoration of damaged hair
BONACURE "COLOR FREEZE" - color control
Bonacure FIBER FORCE keratin series
BONACURE EXCELLIUM - For mature hair

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