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Pure Cleansing for all skin types
Pure Cleansing for all skin types
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Juvena Pure Cleansing for all skin types

Cosmetics from this series (tonic, foam, milk, micellar water) are designed to cleanse the face. Sredsva gently cleanse the skin, gently and carefully moisturizing and softening it. Prepare the person for further application of protective creams and masks.

You can buy such cosmetics in the Juvena Pure Cleansing series:

  • Juvena Pure Cleansing 2-Phase Instant Eye Make-Up Remover - A two-phase eye make-up remover
  • Juvena Pure Cleansing Clarifying Tonic - Cleansing tonic for combined and prone to oily skin
  • Juvena Pure Cleansing Clarifying Cleansing Foam - Cleansing Foam for the face
  • Juvena Pure Cleansing Miracle Cleansing Water - Micellar water
  • Juvena Pure Cleansing Calming Tonic - Soothing tonic for dry and sensitive skin
  • Juvena Pure Cleansing Calming Cleansing Milk - Soothing Cleansing Milk

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