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Juvena - professional cosmetics for facial and body care - Switzerland. Swiss cosmetics that can stop time.
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Juvena - professional hair care cosmetics - Switzerland.

Swiss cosmetics that can stop time. Since 1954, the company is a pioneer in skin research, an expert in anti-aging care. Founders of the brand Juvena are sure that youth is determined not only by the number of years lived, but also by the internal state. For more than fifty years, Juvena has been helping beautiful ladies not to lose their freshness, youth and self-confidence, regardless of age. She develops effective formulas to prevent age-related changes. The result of work of the brand innovators became many discoveries in the world cosmetology. So, in 60 years, scientists created the first product with a sunscreen filter, which protects women and girls from photoaging. And in 1996, the coenzyme Q10 was added to the recipe for the first time, which is now easily found in almost every anti-aging product - Coenzyme Q10, which smoothes wrinkles, also owes its popularity to this brand.

Not so long ago the company Juvena again made a breakthrough in the field of cosmology - combined cosmetic developments with medical research in the technology SkinNova . This complex, which activates the activity of stem cells, creates a favorable microenvironment for the formation of new, healthy cells. The result - the skin is restored, rejuvenated. The key in the line was the anti-aging face cream Juvena MasterCream - a radical solution for rejuvenation. It is based on components that promote the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The tool guarantees a complex action:

  • smoothes fine wrinkles;
  • Aligns the relief of the skin of the face;
  • improves skin tone, elasticity;
  • nourishes and fills with moisture;
  • protects from negative environmental influences.

Master cream has earned the reputation of a real masterpiece due to its noticeable effect, its delicate texture, and the absence of flavored additives. It is quickly absorbed and serves as a base for make-up or as an effective night care.

In the assortment of Juven, each client will find for himself a large assortment of preparations for full-fledged beauty rituals:

  • super-moisturizing mask for express-lifting;
  • luxury caviar concentrate;
  • soothing milk;
  • Cleansing Foam;
  • tightening peeling powder.

And also pay attention to the products for the body. Shower gel Juvena forms an airy elastic foam that gently removes dirt from the surface. With it, swimming will become a delight and a session of aromatherapy. Peptides included in the list of components, activate metabolic processes in the epidermis. Complete the spa-procedure nutritional lotion or energy elixir . A deodorant will prolong the feeling of freshness and purity.

Where to buy Juvena cream at a low price in Kiev and all over Ukraine?

If before the cream Juvena were sold only in foreign beauty boutiques, but now the original brand new items are available in the online store AZUM.

Means that rejuvenate the skin. Juvena is known throughout the world as an investigator of the regeneration processes occurring in the human body. They were the first to say that only if they create an optimal microclimate for the skin, the epidermis retains its elasticity and youth. Many women in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine have already experienced brand cream, their reviews confirm the "magic" effect of enriched components.

Useful facts about Juvena:

  • In 1989, the first to develop a cream with vitamin E.
  • Combined medical research and cosmetology.
  • We have discovered a technology that activates the work of our own stem cells. They smooth the wrinkles from the inside and nourish the deep basal layer.
  • In the 90's created enzymes that protect against sunlight and free radicals.

A noticeable effect of rejuvenating your skin will be given by Juvena. On the website of AZUM at a bargain price, buy energy elixirs from the world cosmetics company.