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ABRO - car care products: auto chemicals (antifreezes, additives), sealants, cleaning liquids for glasses and car washes, etc. (Abro) - USA.
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ABRO - car care products: auto chemicals (antifreezes, additives), sealants, cleaning liquids for glasses and car washes, etc. (Abro) - USA.

For three quarters of the 20th century, ABRO has always stood for quality and value. For the past 75 years, the company has been committed to its distributors and people who use its products, which has contributed to its growth.

The motto of the company "When we look to the future, we will never forget the basis upon which our success is built."

At the heart of ABRO lies their headquarters. Located in South Bend, Indiana, USA, it brings together specialized sales managers with logistics experts to provide the right set of products when and where it is needed. Our sales managers are supported by highly professional accountants, designers and brand advocates. Each member of ABRO's dedicated staff works together to allow ABRO to compete and win against the largest companies in the world.

ABRO founded a real empire of automotive beauty. And the beauty created with the help of ABRO, looks natural. The merits of the company in the field of export were twice marked by the award of the President of the USA - in 1991 and 2005. It's hard to surprise a modern car owner with an assortment - if it's not ABRO products. Over one and a half thousand items in the constantly updated catalog of ABRO products are available to the buyer at any time. Much attention is paid to the development and implementation of new directions for using the company's advanced formulas. ABRO has already gained fame not only as a manufacturer of high-quality auto chemistry , but also as a manufacturer of construction and finishing materials . Over four hundred names: paints, varnishes, solvents, washes, sealants, assembly foams - are in constant high demand due to high quality of production, excellent performance and ease of use.
If there is an ideal household chemistry , then this is ABRO. Natural aromas of fresheners and fragrances, skin care products that return bags and jackets to their second life, cleansing liquids for glasses and washers - everything that makes your home more beautiful and clean, all this makes ABRO. A wide range of products you can buy in our online store AZUM at competitive prices.

Buy auto chemistry ABRO (skin care products, cleansing liquids for glasses and washers), cleaners of the fuel system and carburetor, sealants, etc. at the best price and you will feel all the advantages:

  • fast start in the cold season, both for diesel and gasoline engines,
  • increase the service life of auto parts,
  • improving the performance of the engine and cooling system,
  • reduction of the discharge of batteries, corrosion protection of the fuel tank of the car,
  • soft switching of an automatic transmission, without a scratch and vibrations;
  • cleanliness and shine of not only salon and auto glass, but also mirrors, wheel disks.

A cleaner fuel system and carburetor ABRO GT507 effectively restores the power of the car engine - this is due to the removal of residual oil, accumulated dirt, as well as tarry deposits in injectors, carburettors. Also excess water is removed, which prevents the process of corrosion or freezing in the fuel system.

Make caring for your car as efficient as possible, with minimal effort, and at the same time, with a high quality result.