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Yellow Rose - Mesococktail Wrinkle Filler 7ml

Product code: 1593254107
Mesococktail Wrinkle-Fillers Wrinkle Filler. Active serum with hyaluronic acid and marine collagen in microspheres ("wrinkle filler") for external use.
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YELLOW ROSE Wrinkle-Fillers - Wrinkle Filler Mesococktail

Active serum with hyaluronic acid and marine collagen in microspheres ("wrinkle filler") for external use. Collagen microspheres attract water from the intercellular space, increase in volume by 10-20 times and thereby smooth wrinkles “from the inside”.

This effect lasts for 8 hours. After this, collagen and hyaluronic acid perform the function of prolonged hydration. Contains no preservatives. The concentration of 60 mg / ml.

Method of application : using a dispensing nozzle, apply 5 drops of mesococktail to cleansed face skin in the area of ​​forehead wrinkles, eyebrows, nasolabial folds before absorption. Use daily in the morning and evening. It is recommended to apply Golden Line Face Firming Serum or Hyaluronic Beauty Elixir and Golden Line Face Firming Cream or Hyaluronic Face Firming Cream on top of the mesococktail.

Active components : low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, marine collagen in microspheres, ceramides

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Area of use Face
Time of use Universal
Functions Lifting, skin lifting, Moisturizing and nourishing, From wrinkles
Type of skins All types
Age 30+, 35+, 40+
Volume 7ml
Brand Yellow Rose
Serie Mesococktails for transdermal non-invasive administration
Country of ™ Греция
Categories Body Care and Correction - Serums, elixirs, boosters for the body

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