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Gkhair Global Keratin - Comb wide blowing Orange

Vent Brush
Product code: 01-03-VENT
Comb GKhair Vent Brush has a unique design with wide teeth.
Orange Orange
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The GKhair Vent Brush comb is designed for professional stylists.

GKhair's product development department works to create the highest quality and most effective products. Therefore, GKhair Vent Brush comb has a unique design with wide teeth.

The concave shape of the GKhair Vent Brush comb allows the hairdryer to directly rest on the back of the comb for concentrated and consistent drying.

At the same time, very large sections can be dried, ideal for long hair, making drying easy and fast. The rubber grip is comfortable and easy to use. Magnetic tip makes the brush easy to store. Easily create smooth hair with a concave, easy-to-handle ventilation comb.

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Product characteristics
Colour Orange
Type Brashing for hair, Hairbrush
Use For daily use, For styling
Brand Gkhair Global Keratin
Serie Tools And Accessories - Devices and accessories
Country of ™ США
Categories For hair - Hairbrushes, hair brasings

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