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Gkhair Global Keratin - Means for treating and straightening hair 300ml

The Best
Product code: 01-01-В-300
The Best for treatment and hair straightening - Hair becomes surprisingly manageable, flexible, full of charming shine and look the best. Receive a powerful impetus to health and vitality.
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GK Hair The Best Global Keratin - Professional Salon Hair Straightening Product

The Best for treatment and hair straightening .

GK Hair The Best is the best and most effective way to regain obedience and control. Hair becomes surprisingly manageable, flexible, filled with charming shine and look the best way. Receive a powerful impetus to health and vitality.

The formula The Best straightens hair perfectly, maintaining this effect for up to 5 months

Priority and action:

  • It’s easiest to work with The Best
  • Maximum content of valuable Juvexin®
  • Drying and styling times are significantly reduced.
  • Preserves the pigment of dyed hair
  • Hair after the procedure is not limited to washing time.
  • Dry naturally
  • Hair coloring can be done on the day of straightening.
  • Natural base

What is characteristic of Juvexin (Yuveksin) and why is it present in all Global Keratin products?

Juvexin® consists of a mixture of micro-proteins of hydrolyzed high-quality keratin. Able to restore hair at the molecular level. Protects everyday from adverse factors. It represents the most global discovery in the treatment of damaged hair. Without the content of artificial components and aggressive chemistry. The higher its concentration, the straighter the hair will become. Fills the structure with missing nutrients and restores moisture balance. The formula is created in such a way as to return them their youth and initial healthy appearance. Keratin is ideally associated with the natural keratin of our hair and creates wonders of active reincarnation with them.

Hair after the procedure of straightening juicy, beautiful, young, radiant. And flexibility, elasticity and silkiness are simply amazing.

After straightening, use Global Keratin AFTER CARE products . Their special set was created purposefully to preserve the effect of straight beautiful hair for as long as possible, and are also an ideal treatment between sessions in the salon. Cosmetics contain keratin and do not include chemical constituents.

Technology straightening formula The Best Global Keratin:

  1. GK Hair pH + Clarifying Shampoo two-time hair cleansing
  2. Clean the water with a towel
  3. Walk on them gently with the Global Keratin Vent Brush ventilation comb and divide into 3 even parts.
  4. Apply the Best tool with a brush in dots every 1, 5 cm along each strand. Spread out the comb for even and complete coverage.
  5. Leave the product on the hair for 15 - 60 minutes. The length of time depends on how elastic the curls are and the hair is thick.
  6. Thin is quite suitable for 15 - 20 minutes. Average thickness will take 20 - 40 minutes. Thick and particularly windy will need the most time - 40 - 60 minutes
  7. Then, wash the formula with completely warm water. Absolutely clear water indicates complete removal of the substance.
  8. If you have red hair or you have treated them with a substance according to the longest option in time, rinse them with a GKhair (Global Keratin) Moisturizing Shampoo shampoo, in order to moisturize them well and this shampoo neutralizes excess The Best.
  9. Blow-dry hair using the GKhair Thermal Round Brush Heat Resistant Antistatic Round Ceramic Comb to 100% high temperature drying.
  10. Straightening iron GKhair Titanium Flat iron at a temperature of 230 degrees. If you are on time and did not completely wash out the Best formula, then 200 degrees is enough.
  11. To straighten, separate the hair into strands and walk alternately through them with an iron.

For professional use.

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Product characteristics
Hair type All types of hair
Functions Anti-aging, Recovery, Hair straightening, Smoothing, Moistening, Strengthening, Keratin reduction
Texture Thick
Volume 300ml
Brand Gkhair Global Keratin
Serie Salon Professional - Professional hair straighteners
Country of ™ США
Categories Hair treatment - Special hair products

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