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Rolland - Liquid protein serum for hair reconstruction 500ml

Product code: 221459
Rolland OWAY Rebuilding Serum - liquid protein serum for hair reconstruction. Suitable for very coarse and porous hair. Restores keratin chains inside the hair.
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Rolland OWAY Rebuilding Serum - liquid protein serum for hair reconstruction.

Serum fills hair with protein, restores keratin chains inside the hair.

Suitable for very coarse and porous hair. Whey contains a multivitamin complex and antioxidants:

  • Biodynamic iris - a flower rich in phytoestrogens, which returns hair vitality and silkiness.
  • Basil extract adds moisture, shine and protects the hair. It gives strength to weak hair.
  • Teak ethical, it strengthens the hair structure. Performs antibacterial action.
  • Mahogany is a good antiseptic and skin binder, invigorating and exciting for hair.

It makes hair silky and elastic. Instant result that you will see and feel!

Application: Mix serum with concentrates of Hyalominerals and / or ceramides. Apply to dry hair. Hold for about 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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Product characteristics
Hair type Age-related, Curly, Thick, Fatty, Broken, Natural, Unruly, Painted, Damaged, Blonde hair, Dry, Dark hair, Thick, Sensitive
Functions Antibacterial, Recovery, For shine, Nutrition, Strengthening, Hair reconstruction
Texture Liquid
Volume 500ml
Brand Rolland
Serie Oway Rebuilding - for hair reconstruction
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Serums and fluids for hair

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