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Dr.Hedison - Stem cell tonic 150ml

Repair Toner
Product code: 1557358158
Dr.Hedison Plant Stem Cell Repair Toner - Stem Cell Tonic. Improves metabolism, stimulates cellular respiration of the skin. Promotes rapid regeneration of skin cells, improves tone and water balance.
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Dr.Hedison Plant Stem Cell Repair Toner - Stem Cell Tonic.

Repair Toner improves metabolism, stimulates the cellular respiration of the skin

68% consists of apple hydrolat. Hydrolate is steam passed through the fruit and turned into water by distillation. Fruit waters have much in common with the physiological fluids contained in the human body, therefore, when they are added to the composition of cosmetic products, they harmonize well with human skin and penetrate deep into the dermis.

  • In the best way prepares the skin for the application of serum, cream, mask.
  • Also contains stem cells of rice and tomatoes. The uniqueness of plant stem cells is that they affect several causes of aging of the skin.
  • Aligns the pH balance and cleanses the skin, contributes to the narrowing of pores.
  • Matts the skin, eliminating oily shine.
  • Anti-wrinkle, improves skin regeneration.

Promotes rapid regeneration of skin cells, improves skin tone and water balance.

How to use: Apply to the skin using a cotton pad, as an independent step of cleansing or after removing makeup. Does not require rinsing with water

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Area of use Face
Time of use Universal
Type of skins All types
Age No limits
Functions Matting effect, Against wrinkles, Cleansing, From the greasy brilliance, Regeneration, Narrowing of pores, Tonification
Volume 150ml
Brand Dr.Hedison
Serie Plant Stem Cell - Plant Stem Cell Line
Country of ™ Республика Корея
Categories Skin Care - Tonics for face; Cleansers - Face tonic

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