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TianDe - Nourishing Liquid Lipstick Tint 4.2 g, 01

Pro Visage Nourishing Liquid Lip Tint
Product code: 80908/01
Pro Visage Nourishing Liquid Lip Tint Nourishing Liquid Lipstick - combines a bright color that will not fade over time, and gentle care for the delicate skin of the lips.
4.2 g
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Nourishing Liquid Lipstick Tint Pro Visage Nourishing Liquid Lip Tint

Nutritious liquid lipstick-tint - revolution in your cosmetics bag!

It combines a bright color that does not fade over time, and gentle care for the delicate skin of the lips.

From English, the word tint ("tint") is translated as "shading." And the tool is fully consistent with the translation. The composition of the product includes coloring pigments that penetrate the upper layers of the skin of the lips. Due to this tool has a high resistance in comparison with the usual lipstick or gloss.

Try tint from Tiande and appreciate its benefits.

  • Increased durability.
  • You can choose the intensity of the color.
  • The tool is not clogged in the creases of the lips.
  • Not just the color, but also care - the active ingredients take care of your lips.

The tool is not clogged in the folds of the lips and allows you to create an incredibly bright image.

Thanks to royal jelly, macadamia oil and vitamin E, which is a part of it, lipstick-tint nourishes and softens the delicate skin of the lips.



  • Royal jelly - softens the skin of the lips, heals cracks;
  • Macadamia oil - softens delicate skin of the lips, gives a natural shine and volume;
  • Vitamin E - restores and moisturizes damaged skin.


  1. On the applicator we collect a small amount of the product and, gently touching them on the lips, put a few dots.
  2. Further means you need to quickly and carefully shade. Tint absorbs very quickly.
  3. Astushevku can be done with your fingers, if you want to achieve a natural effect of "kissed lips", or use the applicator, if you need a rich color.
  4. After feathering, wait until complete drying. Repeat if the color seems to you not bright enough.

For a natural effect, use fingertips, for a rich color, use an applicator.

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Area of use Lips
Texture Creamy, Liquid
Effect Natural
Weight 4.2 g
Brand TianDe
Serie Decorative cosmetics
Country of ™ Китай
Categories For the lips makeup - Lipsticks

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