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Veronese - Candlestick "Owls" (40 * 23 cm) Bronze

Product code: 76415A4
The owl is a symbol of wisdom, erudition, sensitivity, prophetic gift, moderation and melancholy.
Bronze Bronze
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Buy a gift, a souvenir Veronese Candlestick "Owls" will help you shop AZUM

Where to buy a gift Veronese Candlestick "Owls"?

In our shop AZUM, where the Candlestick "Owls" is an original designer accessory from the Veronese brand. Our website gives you the opportunity to buy a candlestick "Owls" - an elegant decoration for your apartment, house or office in beautiful packaging at an unbeatable bargain price.

Decorative candlestick Veronese "Owls" is made of polyresin bronze color. Polystone is a durable polymeric material that is absolutely non-toxic. You can put a candlestick in any place where it will look good and please the eye. Such a figure perfectly complements the interior office or home. Veronese is a trademark representing a wide range of artwork from polyresin, made from sketches by Italian designers and artists.

Material: polystone with bronze coating
Packed in an individual branded box.

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Product characteristics
Themes Birds
Material Polistoun
Colour Bronze
Height 23 cm
Brand Veronese
Serie Interior items
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Decor and interior items - Figurines; Esoteric decor and gifts - Figurines, statues and figurines

The information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is of a reference nature and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.

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