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Guam - Regenerating Softening Foot Cream 100ml

Podos Crema Riparatrice
Product code: 8000173
Podos Crema Riparatrice Regenerating Softening Foot Cream - Cream loads the dermis with invigorating moisture, saturates with vitamins and restores the natural balance of moisture.
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Podos Crema Riparatrice Revitalizing Softening Foot Cream

Restores normal moisture, reduces cracks, prevents the formation of calluses.

Contains Guam seaweed, red (brown) seaweed GELIDIELLA ACEROSA, argan oil. The skin of the legs becomes soft, supple and protected.

Active ingredients:
Seaweed - red (brown) GELIDIELLA ACEROSA and Hypnea musciformis, rich in polysaccharides, which create a protective film on the skin. Able to retain water in the epidermis and at the same time isolate the skin from external influences, thus resisting the loss of skin water.

Urea - a natural moisturizing factor that increases the water content in the stratum corneum, provides a moisturizing and keratoplastic effect.

Argan oil and barley wax is a complex of plant components obtained by extraction, consisting mainly of fatty acids, vitamins, phytosterols. An indispensable complex for restoring the skin barrier and homeostasis (maintaining normal functioning) of the epidermis.

Allantoin - has a soothing, keratoplastic, soothing, dermo-regenerating effect, it acts as an emollient for coarse, hardened tissues.

Shea Butter Extract, Crumba Abyssinian seed oil.

Mode of application:
Apply the cream on the legs and feet, paying particular attention to the parts with cracked skin, heels and the space between the toes. Massaging until completely absorbed.

Paraben free, tested for nickel

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Area of use Legs
Time of use Universal
Functions Moisturizing and nourishing, From corns, From cracks, Mitigation, Skin elasticity
Type of skins All types
Age No limits
Volume 100ml
Brand Guam
Serie Talasso, podos
Categories Foot Care - Creams and lotions for feet

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