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Guam - Special shorts-belt "flat belly" Black, L-XL (48-50)

Panty Ventre Piatto
Product code: 8000188
Special shorts-belt "flat belly" Panty Ventre Piatto - contain microencapsulated algae GUAM and caffeine, have a lipolytic effect and the effect of long-wave infrared radiation (FIR). FIR radiation - Far Infrared Ray, which is electromagnetic radiation.
Black Black
XS-S (42-44)
S-M (44-46)
L-XL (48-50)
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GUAM “flat stomach” special shorts contain microencapsulated GUAM algae and caffeine, have a lipolytic effect and long-wave infrared radiation (FIR). FIR radiation - Far Infrared Ray, which is electromagnetic radiation.

Improve microcirculation and skin elasticity, increase skin elasticity.

They have a directional effect of reducing the volume *, help to increase the tone and tighten the skin.
* The effect of reducing the volume does not imply weight loss.
Remodeling buttocks and abdomen **
** The remodeling action does not imply weight loss.

GUAM®-EMANA® fabric shorts-belt provides a complex effect - microencapsulation action, which gives a slow release of active ingredients that are absorbed by the skin, as well as massage and infrared effects, which the EMANA® fabric provides (polyamide microfiber with bioactive minerals integrated into fabric) on the skin.

Such a complex effect improves skin condition.

Guam shorts are made of EMANA® Intelligent Fiber, which contains bioactive mineral crystals that can absorb the heat of the human body in order to return it in the form of long-wave infrared radiation (FIR). Long-wave infrared radiation is an electromagnetic wave, important for our normal state, their action is used in medicine for therapeutic purposes.
Biologically active minerals contained in EMANA® tissue improve blood flow and, in particular, subcutaneous microcirculation: being integrated into the tissue, they exercise their effects throughout the entire time that leggings are used. Microcapsules (caffeine and algae GUAM) embedded in the tissue are released, leaving the active ingredients algae GUAM on the skin. The microcapsules act until all the active ingredients, which are gradually released through microencapsulation technology, run out. This usually happens after several weeks of using leggings.
At the same time, even after many washes, the beneficial effect of EMANA® fabric on skin elasticity continues - due to the content of active mineral crystals in the fabric. Guam shorts are so comfortable that they are free to stay in them all day long; while moving, the surface of the abdomen and buttocks is massaged, tightened and remodeled **, the lipolytic action is performed. It has a beneficial effect on your health and beauty.
The effect of infrared rays continues throughout the use of leggings, and the effect of microencapsulated algae begins to decrease after several weeks of wearing leggings. In order to maintain the synergistic effect of GUAM algae and infrared rays, at the beginning of the third week of using the shorts-belts, it is recommended to put on the GUAM Fango Cream Active on their skin before putting them on.

Ingredients : Guam microencapsulated algae: water, Capric Caprylic Triglyceride, caffeine, Laminaria algae powder.

Emana® fabric is a patented technology and is safe for the skin, it has been tested and proven by international scientific research conducted by independent laboratories. Emana® fabric is certified by the Oeko-Tex® Class I international testing system.
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a single worldwide independent system for testing and certification of textile raw materials, intermediate and finished products at all stages of processing, as well as the materials used. Product class I:
Products for babies and children under 3 years old (underwear, sliders, clothing, bedding, towels, etc.)

Under the shorts - belt Guam must necessarily wear underwear. On the first day of use, if necessary, slightly expand the fabric with your hands. Shorts - the belt adapts to the shape of the body after the first few applications. Application results have been demonstrated when worn for 6 hours a day for 30 consecutive days.
Can be used after pregnancy.
Caution - Do not wear during pregnancy!
Wash at + 40 ° C

Matching size grids for different countries for leggings:

GUAM leggings XS - S S - M L -XL
waist circumference, cm 60-64 68-80 84-96
hip circumference, cm 88-90 94-106 110-122
Italy 38-40 42-44 46-50
Europe 34-36 38-40 42-46
USA 4-6 6-12 14-20
Great Britain 6-8 10-16 18-24
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Product characteristics
Colour Black
Size L-XL
Brand Guam
Serie Leggins - Leggings
Categories Clothes Bottom - Shorts

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