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Nesti Dante - Soap Rome 250 g

Dolce Vivere Roma
Product code: 280101
Dolce Vivere - Soap Rome - An explosive mixture of sweet aroma and sugar notes creates an atmosphere of eternal youth and beauty. Feel the warm touch of oleander flowers with nutmeg and figs.
250 g
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Dolce Vivere Roma - Soap "Rome" gently cleansed, refreshed skin is shrouded in aroma of flowering oleander, nutmeg and figs.

The blast of sweet aromas and sweet notes of Oleander, Zibibbo Grape and Fig flowers represents the atmosphere of beauty of the eternal city.

  • Oleander Flowers - “Gold is the cold of the moon, Smell of Oleander and Leuvian. It’s good to wander in peace ”wrote Sergey Yesenin. Oleander reveals sensuality and appeases its aroma.
  • Grapes Zibibbo - golden smell of nutmeg wine with notes of tropical fruits, citrus. Leaves a feeling of sweet warmth and mineral notes.
  • Figs - sweet, but light, subtle aroma with the smell of freshly cut grass. Deep warm woody notes mixed with tart sweetness.


  • perfectly cleans and tones the skin
  • moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • nice refreshing gives a sense of vivacity
  • fine flashing
  • does not leave feeling of dryness and sticky
  • The herbal foundation perfectly nourishes the skin, gently removing it from dirt and toxins.

It does not contain Petrochemicals - it is a carcinogen and affects the skin, sulfates - sulfuric acid salts, synthetic surfactants - destroys useful lipids that form a protective film of the epidermis, parabens - accumulate in the tissues of the mammary gland, glycols - some of the main stimuli of the skin .

Soap is made up of 98% of natural oils. Due to the traditional "Marseilles" soap-making technology, the oils retain their beneficial properties, intensively moisturizing the skin during cleansing.

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Product characteristics
Sex For women, For men
Time of use Universal
Weight 250 g
Brand Nesti Dante
Serie Dolce Vivere - Sweet Life
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Skin Care - Soap for face; Body Care and Correction - Soap

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