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Nesti Dante - Soap Blue Mediterranean 150 g

Lavanda Blu del Mediterraneo
Product code: 280053
Lavanda Blu del Mediterraneo - Soap Blue Mediterranean - a unique fragrance with a subtle accent, outstanding among the flavors of the Mediterranean countryside.
150 g
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Lavanda Blu del Mediterraneo - Soap Blue Mediterranean - Natural vegetable soap has a delicate aroma, evoking memories of country walks.

Included in the composition of lavender extract has a soothing and toning effect, refreshes the skin and gives her a feeling of tenderness and comfort.

  • The active ingredients of Lavender with a narrow leaf that are saturated with this soap are known for their excellent relaxing and soothing properties;
  • Soap is made only with natural oils coming from sustainable plantations. Sustainable plantations are plantations that are strictly controlled and certified according to the standards and requirements of RSPO - the organization that controls the production of only the best and safest oils;
  • The traditional method of boiling soap in a large boiler is used;
  • The beautiful Florentine wrapping paper of this soap is suitable for flavoring boxes with linens.

Does not contain petrochemical products - which are carcinogens and negatively affecting the skin condition, Sulfates - sulfuric acid salts, Synthetic surfactants - destroying useful lipids which form a protective film of the epidermis, Parabens - accumulating in the tissues of the breast, Glycols - one of the main skin irritants .

Soap consists of 98% of natural oils - olive and palm oil. Thanks to the traditional expensive "Marseillian" soap making technology, the oils retain useful properties, intensively moisturizing the skin during cleansing.

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Product characteristics
Sex For women, For men
Type of skins All types
Weight 150 g
Brand Nesti Dante
Serie Lavanda
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Skin Care - Soap for face; Body Care and Correction - Soap

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