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You Look - Collagen mask for damaged hair 1000ml

Art Collagen Active Mask
Product code: 1582812046
Reduces fragility and prevents split ends. Strengthens dry, damaged hair, protects from tangles, facilitates combing.
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You Look Professional Art Collagen Active Mask - Mask for damaged hair with collagen

Protects from aggressive environmental factors. Improves the condition of damaged areas of hair, reduces brittleness and prevents split ends. The hair becomes smooth, supple and silky. Active ingredients instantly penetrate the hair structure, providing emollient, regenerative and moisturizing effects, as well as provides intensive hydration and restoration of the hair, increase their firmness and elasticity, give an amazing shine. The mask strengthens dry, damaged hair, protects from tangles, facilitates combing.

Method of application: apply the mask to wet hair after washing with shampoo (shampoo of the same series is recommended), leave for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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Product characteristics
Hair type Damaged, Dry
Functions Recovery, For shine, Nutrition, Mitigation, Moistening, For easy combing
Texture Creamy
Volume 1000ml
Brand You Look
Serie Hair Care
Country of ™ Италия
Categories Hair treatment - Hair masks

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