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KeraSys - Hair serum oil 70ml

Keramide Damage Clinic Hair Serum
Product code: 1569095286
Kerasys Keramide Damage Clinic Hair Serum 70ml - Extreme Recovery. Serum for weakened and damaged hair. A unique tool to restore the structure of damaged hair (keratin + ceramides).

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Kerasys Keramide Damage Hair Oil Serum Oil Clinic Hair Serum 70ml Korean Beauty Care Styling - Extreme Recovery

Serum for weakened and damaged hair. A unique tool to restore the structure of damaged hair (keratin + ceramides). At the heart of the serum is a unique formula that combines liquid keratin (which is the base protein in the hair structure) and ceramides (substances that make up the cells of the outer skin of the hair). Due to external influences, ceramides can be destroyed, which leads to brittleness and dryness of hair. Thanks to the perfect combination of innovative technologies, natural extracts and key components, the product actively penetrates the hair structure, effectively restoring and protecting it, returning damaged, weakened hair to strength, health and beauty.

It is recommended for use for heavily weakened hair, after dyeing or chemical exposure, as well as for those who regularly expose their hair to heat (hair dryers, curling irons, etc.)

How to use: after using the shampoo, apply the optimal amount of serum (depending on the condition and length of the hair, 2-3 clicks) on towel-dried hair, starting from the middle of the hair length, before styling. And also, you can use the tool, applying it to completely dried hair.

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Product characteristics
Hair type All types of hair
Functions Anti-aging, Recovery, Strengthening, For easy combing, Hair reconstruction, For smoothness of hair
Texture Oily
Volume 70ml
Brand KeraSys
Country of ™ Республика Корея
Categories Hair treatment - Oils for hair; Hair treatment - Serums and fluids for hair

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