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Nannic - Regenerating Foot Cream 30ml

Foot Repair Complex
Product code: NAN-100.02
The restoring foot cream Foot Repair Complex. The cream reduces dryness and soreness of the feet. Provides healing of cracks and corns, reducing corns.
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Foot Repair Complex

It is approved by doctors as an effective means of care for dry, painful chapped skin of the feet, enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, does not leave greasy stains.

Get rid of corns and forget about cracks in the legs, and at the same time about sweating feet and unpleasant smell. Light cream, light green in color, with a strong herbal smell.

Peptide of red cayenne pepper slowly warms the skin, stimulates blood circulation, which significantly reduces the painful feeling of cracked foot.

Tea tree oil has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antifungal and bactericidal action, improves skin immunity.

Galactoarobinan and a complex of vitamins of group "B" stimulate the synthesis of its own collagen and cell renewal, increase immunity, restore skin elasticity and elasticity.

Brewer's yeast accelerates regeneration, improves skin condition, reduces inflammation and acne, soothes and revives fading and dry skin, prone to eczema and acne, nourishes and moisturizes, provides antioxidant protection to the skin surface.

Hemp oil, rosemary, sunflower nourish, moisturize, regenerate and protect the skin.

Apply a very small amount of cream at night, when there is a feeling of dry or hardened skin. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave greasy spots, makes the skin soft and leaves a feeling of lightness and not greasy on the feet.


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Product characteristics
Time of use Night
Functions Moisturizing and nourishing, From the smell, From cracks, Against inflammation, Tonification, Elasticity
Type of skins Dry, Problematic
Volume 30ml
Brand Nannic
Serie Body Care Innovations
Country of ™ Бельгия
Categories Foot Care - Creams and lotions for feet

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