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Belauto Белавто - Splitter cigarette lighter 12V 10A 1.3 m

Product code: RP11
The auto limit is where you can charge gadgets. Therefore, it is necessary to have a splitter of the cigarette lighter of the car. The splitter of the car cigarette lighter BELAVTO RP11 is designed for two outputs, which are protected by covers. The case is made of heat-resistant plastic.
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Splitter car cigarette lighter on 2 slots
Voltage: 12V
Maximum current: 10A
Cable length: 1.3 m
There is a fuse

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Product characteristics
Type Cigarette Lighter Splitter
Number of outputs 2
Brand Belauto Белавто
Country of ™ Белоруссия
Categories Auto Electrical Goods - Splitters

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