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Kaetana - Alginate chocolate body mask 150 g

Alginate-chocolate wrap for hips and buttocks
Product code: 302
Kaetana Alginate chocolate body mask - Alginate-chocolate wrap for hips and buttocks. Quickly restores the skin, gives an immediate smoothing and lifting effect. Improves the color and texture of the skin - brightens, narrows the pores.
150 g
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Kaetana Alginate chocolate body mask - Alginate-chocolate wrap for hips and buttocks.

Quickly restores skin, gives an immediate smoothing and lifting effect.

Allows you to make an "expensive" and sophisticated SPA-procedure for the most demanding customers. Relax and anti-cellulite. Does not require rinsing in the shower!
Diagnosis: Skin of any nature, especially skin in need of relaxation, nutrition and lifting. Stretch marks, flabbiness, manifestations of cellulite.

  • Improves skin color and texture - brightens, narrows pores
  • Promotes deeper penetration of nutrients from drugs applied under the mask
  • Prevents premature skin aging
  • It has an antioxidant effect, stimulates collagen synthesis, increases blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Deeply moisturizes, perfectly tightens, tones the skin, saturates with minerals and vitamins, removes toxins and slags

Chocolate is said to contain the hormone of joy. Seducing a beautiful aroma, he will cheer up, tones, gives strength and invigorates. Enveloped in chocolate bliss, the client relaxes and plunges into a serene state.


  1. Exfoliate thighs and buttocks with the help of Proticel Scrub. Massage with the anti-cellulite concentrate "Proitsel-Mix".
  2. Prepare a mask: pour the contents of the bag into a container of sufficient size, add 800 ml of warm water. The warmer the water, the faster the mask freezes. After breeding, you will receive a gentle mass with the consistency, color and smell of hot chocolate.
  3. Actively mix the mask with a spatula until a thick, uniform mass is obtained, then apply it on the treated area in an even thick layer. Too thin edges of the mask dry up and require rinsing, therefore, for a “clean” removal of the mask, form a uniform thick edge.
  4. Hold the mask for 15 minutes. Remove the frozen alginate in one layer, gently lifting the edges of the mask. Remove insignificant residues with wet sponges or with the Molochny cheek-piece; at the end of the procedure, apply the cream "Proticel".

Ingredients: Sodium alginate, dark cocoa with a high content of cocoa butter, fucus and spirulina algae, bromelain, caffeine.

Shelf life 12 months. from the date of production. Temperature range +5 + 25 ° С

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Product characteristics
Sex For women
Area of use Body
Time of use Universal
Functions Against cellulite, for losing weight, Lifting, skin lifting, Moisturizing and nourishing, From the first signs of aging, Smoothing, Relaxation, Narrowing of pores, Tonification
Type of skins All types
Age No limits
Volume 150gr
Brand Kaetana
Serie SPA preparations for the body
Country of ™ Украина
Categories Body Care and Correction - Masks, body creams

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