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Vitaminoplex is a two-phase hair regeneration. Allows you to instantly regenerate hair, restore keratin and reconstruct disulfide bonds - Italy.
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Vitaminoplex is a two-phase hair regeneration. Allows you to instantly regenerate hair, restore keratin and reconstruct disulfide bonds - Italy.

Vitaminoplex is a regeneration procedure based on the most advanced technologies. A two-phase complex allows you to instantly regenerate your hair! Simply mix Vitaminoplex with water or hair dye or a clarifying powder, and nutrients will easily penetrate your hair. Simple, but effective.

Thanks to the revolutionary restoration of Vitaminoplex, you will not have to give up coloring your hair just because you are worried about the health of your hair. Vitaminoplex will make your hair strong and shiny. The product has no effect on the staining process - the color intensity remains unchanged. It is safe and easy to use.

How it works:

Luxurious procedure Vitaminoplex is a two-phase hair regeneration, it is used as an independent procedure or during staining or discoloration. The main task of Vitaminoplex is to restore keratin and to reconstruct disulfide bonds, something that until now has been practically impracticable.

  • Vitaminoplex 1 is a complex consisting of organic ingredients. When mixed with hair dye, it takes part in the reconstruction of disulfide bonds and restores the keratin inside the hair. An additional component derived from zinc strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss.
  • Vitaminoplex 1 contains additional moisturizing ingredients that improve the flexibility of the hair.
  • Vitaminoplex 2 is an additional powerful conditioner for hair. The complex contains smoothing ingredients that facilitate easy combing of hair and prevent static discharges. Additional ingredients provide each hair with a protective coating, while lactic acid prevents further loss of water and moisturizes the hair.

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Before and after Vitaminoplex recovery:

Cortex hair consists of keratin cells, which differ in size and shape. The cuticle layer is made of overlapping keratin scales. It is the condition of the cuticle of the hair that determines whether your hair is shiny, smooth and whether it is prone to static. Vitaminoplex ingredients penetrate the bark of the hair during hair dyeing or other procedures, and also help restore hair from the inside. Vitaminoplex seals the cuticle layer. Thus, the protective function of the cuticle increases and your hair looks beautiful.

A magic remedy for your hair. Reviews about Vitaminoplex are only positive!