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Viaggio by Valento
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Viaggio by Valento
Viaggio by Valento - compression lingerie - Russia. Prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis, joints of varicose veins. Postnatal compression compression linen Valento
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Viaggio by Valento - compression lingerie - Russia.

Valento compression lingerie - beauty and health, anatomy and biochemistry, practicality and ease of use. Compression lingerie Valento - this is the "second skin" of a person, and the drugs are c.s. "Plazan" and ks "NanoDerm" is the "liquid skin" of a person. The quality of Valento professional compression underwear corresponds to the world standards, and the cost is much lower than the known analogues. The Viaggio by Valento brand is the "geometry of perfection" of your body.
Competent unification and combination of products of professional compression underwear Valento with ks. "Plazan" and ks "NanoDerm" is the formula for success on the road to excellence !!!

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Viaggio by Valento products take into account different directions:

  • Prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis, joints of varicose veins.
  • Corrective compression underwear contributes to modeling a beautiful and slender silhouette, helps to bring the figure in order without pain. In muscles, there is a tone, the skin becomes elastic, stagnant phenomena disappear, metabolism is accelerated and toxins are eliminated from the body.
  • Postnatal compression lingerie Valento
  • Special line of linen Valento, which helps women to quickly restore the figure.
  • Valento treatment-and-prophylactic (post-operative) compression lingerie is used for effective recovery of all internal organs, through massage and stimulation.
  • Rehabilitation (post-operational) lingerie Valento - greatly accelerates the rehabilitation of patients.