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UNIQ10UE - cosmeceutical of the highest level to date, which demonstrates the instantaneous results of lifting, hydration and biorevitalization - Germany
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UNIQ10UE - cosmeceuticals of the highest level to date, which demonstrates the instantaneous results of lifting, hydration and biorevitalization - Germany

The line of 10 concentrates "UNIQ10UE" (Germany) is a new niche for non-injection techniques in beauty salons and clinics, serums are ideally suited and actively used as a recovery therapy after invasive, laser and various integrity-damaging techniques. is relevant for all salons and clinics.

Products UNIQ10UE is represented by such series of goods in the AZUM catalog:

  • UniQ10ue - Personal Prescription Cream
  • UniQ10ue - Whey Concentrates
  • UniQ10ue - Food additives Q10-Granulate

Buy cosmetics Coenzyme Q10 (UniQ10ue) means to give your skin beauty and health:

  • Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most interesting cosmetic products that nature can offer. It is also a very effective, anti-aging component that is naturally produced by the body.
  • Coenzyme Q10 promotes cellular metabolism and eliminates age-related skin damage. It protects against the oxidative process in cells and speeds up the regeneration of cells. It strengthens the cell membranes, thickens the surface of the skin.
  • Coenzyme Q10 markedly reduces wrinkles!

Q10 is the most important antioxidant! 1 to 3% of all oxygen that moves in the respiratory chain and is phosphorylated in the mitochondria does not turn into water. It settles in the form of free radicals, which must be rendered harmless by means of antioxidant systems. Q10 is an important component of these systems, it falls into the exact place where damage was caused by free oxygen radicals. Damage to the cell can be prevented only with sufficient amounts of available antioxidants. Free radicals oxidize vital substances in our body. At neutralization of free radicals coenzyme Q10, itself collapses and becomes inefficient. For this reason, the entry into the body of Q10 should be carried out in a continuous mode.

"UNIQ10UE" is the only manufacturer in the world that owns the technology of production not of soluble oil, but of water-soluble CoQ10 of the highest purity and conjugated with carbohydrates. In addition to the cell-active CoQ10, they contain the highest possible concentration of low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, enriched with vitamins, Lipo Fill and Aqua Fill complexes, and plant extracts. The funds "UNIQ10UE" are represented by serum-concentrates belonging to cosmeceutical preparations of the II class.