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Deodorants from Tiande are very effective protection against sweat and smell.
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Deodorants from Tiande

The allocation of sweat is a natural physiological process of a healthy organism. Sweating regulates salt and water metabolism in the body, provides its protection against overheating. Most of the sweat released is 99% water, and is normally almost odorless. The causes of an unpleasant odor are the interaction of sweat with bacteria. Many struggle with moisture and unpleasant odor with the help of antiperspirants.

What is the danger of many antiperspirants?
First, they block the work of the sweat glands. Aluminum salts interact with sweat components, forming insoluble compounds that cover the channels of the sweat glands. The body suffers from overheating and can not self-clean: all harmful substances remain in it.
Secondly, aluminum salts, due to which the antiperspirant works, increase the risk of breast cancer.

Deodorants from the company Tiande deodorizes the skin without disturbing the function of the sweat glands.

They do not contain salts of aluminum, alcohol, parabens and dyes.
THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY IMMEDIATELY FOR THE ORGANISM , but they are very effective. They are based on alunite - a mineral of mountain volcanic origin, it reliably destroys bacteria. Particles of alunite do not clog the sebaceous glands, but stop sweating.

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