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Tangle Angel
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Tangle Angel
Tangle Angel - combs, brushes with a unique design (Tangle Angel).
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Tangle Angel - combs, brushes with unique design (Tangle Angel) - United Kingdom

The company is based in the UK by talented stylist Richard Ward. He put forward the theory that an exquisite hairstyle in the shortest time possible to create only with a comfortable comb with a unique design made of first-class materials. Similar reasoning founder and embodied in the brand developments. Therefore, the miraculous novelties have an oblong shape and are complemented on the sides by wings, giving them a vivid and interesting look.

The idea of ​​creating such products came to Richard Ward not by accident. The thing is that his clients often complained not only that the hair is tangled, but also that the usual tools for combing are uncomfortable in the hand or completely slip out of it. And their fault is an uncomfortable design.

A team of 80 professionals has experimented a lot with the design of fundamentally new products. After all, it had to meet all the requirements of customers, and also suitable for professional use, and for home. As a result, a concept was born - a comb in the form of an angel's wings. So Tungle Angel appeared.

Today, thousands of owners of lush head of hair can not imagine combing without Tangle Angel. And it is not surprising - after all, such combs prevent not only entanglement of hair, but also due to this prevent their fragility. They are able to gently and gently unravel even the most naughty locks without such a habitual discomfort in this situation.

Tangle Angel have the original shape, and the bristles are located at different levels. It is thanks to this brush easily slips through the hair, without causing pain to their possessor. Manufactured Tangle Angel of special antibacterial plastic, which guarantees safety in use and hygiene.

Tangle Angel has an original design, convenience and a smart effect of combing - every detail is perfect. Stylish products are well thought out in all nuances - the manufacturer has produced several lines. The model at altitude in everything is sweet, high-quality, with a twist.

Each comb is decorated with graceful angel wings - a symbol of lightness and beauty. There are different colors and combs - matte and metallic, white, blue, black, pink, neon colors.

Useful properties of Tangle Angel combs:

  • Massage the scalp and strengthen the flow of blood, give a general relaxation;
  • They struggle with the excessive loss of strands and activate the growth of new strong hair;
  • eliminate excessive fluffiness curls and help in creating a radical volume;
  • ensure the preservation of moisture inside the hair cuticles.
  • The ergonomic and well-balanced handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

In addition, in the assortment of combs Tangle Angel there will be combs and for children, featuring a smaller size and the presence of practical rings, for which they can easily be hanged to a backpack, cover or keys of a beloved child. So, the necessary thing will always be at hand. And colorful and saturated colors add even greater appeal to these attributes in the eyes of the child.

At the same time, Tangle Angel combs are also popular. They outwardly resemble an imprint of a cat's or dog's foot. Give an opportunity to caring owners of pets to delicately care for the fur of their pets. You will forever forget about the unhappy growl of four friends.

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