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Sarangsae Cosmetics
Country of ™:The Republic of KoreaThe Republic of Korea
Sarangsae Cosmetics Brand series
Sarangsae - hair care and staining (Saarange) - Republic of Korea.
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Sarangsae - hair care and staining (Saarange) - Republic of Korea.

Korean manufacturer of hair cosmetics Sarangsae since 1966 has an authoritative position in the market and delivers its products to 20 countries. The brand offers to consumers a unique line of Anthocyanin cosmetics designed for lamination and color lamination of hair.
A special ionic paint with proteins evenly dyes the hair and, enveloping it in a transparent film, protects from the negative influence of negative environmental conditions. A tool of this type is the best way to change the image without damaging the structure of the hair.
Producer of professional cosmetics Sarangsae, in addition to ionic paints, develops shampoos, conditioners, balms, tonics and other hair care products made with pigment anthocyanin.
Specialists of the AZUM store will help you decide on the most optimal care complex, taking into account the existing problems and individual features of the body.
Correct and regular application of the selected products from Sarangsae will help you to restore damaged hair, give them a healthy shine, elasticity and softness.