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Pulso - products for the car: magnetic holders for the deflector, USB car adapters and other accessories; diode lamps, bulb lights, daytime running lights (Pulso) - China.
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Manufacturer Pulso, information about Pulso (Pulso)

In our market, not so long ago, the Pulso brand appeared and all car enthusiasts are interested in what kind of carmaker is it?

Pulso is a rebranding brand TESLA - the same goods in compliance with all the norms and quality and production in the same factories, only not so well-promoted brand due to which it differs greatly in price, which in our time is also an important factor for the buyer. Pulso's car products have a good success and they can be attributed just in the middle of the category of goods in the "price-quality" ratio. You will be able to find a lot of useful mini-gadgets and products more seriously from the PULSO brand in our AZUM store in different Product categories.

Buy car products Pulso (Pulse) can be of these types:

  • Daytime Running Lights,
  • Splitters cigarette lighter,
  • Soffit matrix diode Pulso
  • Charging USB,
  • Other diverse chargers - Battery chargers,
  • Magnetic holders on the deflector,
  • Light bulbs for cars,
  • Car voltage converter 12V 220V
  • and others.