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Body care products
Body care products
Plazan Body Care Products (Plazan) - have a modeling and cleansing effect. The line also includes anti-cellulite cream and bust cream.
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Plazan Body Care Products (Plazan)

Body cosmetics firmly entered everyday life. Each of us is trying to choose a comprehensive care for a more effective result. The most popular and well-deserved recognition has received body cosmetics " Plazan ", created on the basis of unique developments of its kind.
The company began its history back in 1989, when a team of highly qualified specialists (candidates and doctors of medical, pharmacological and biological sciences) came to grips with the development of tools based on the biologically active components of the placenta. Consumers appreciated the excellent quality of the products offered. Placental cosmetics “Plazan” showed high results, due to which today it is actively used in many countries of the former CIS, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and many others.

The products have repeatedly received prestigious awards at specialized international competitions and have many admirers among world stars.

Among the products that are in high demand among Plazan fans are:

  • hand and foot creams;
  • bust and decollete cream;
  • anti-cellulite cream effect;
  • sex cream;
  • gel for intimate hygiene;
  • Body Scrub Renewing and refreshing;
  • shower gel for sensitive skin;
  • balm and body cream.

Plazan nanocosmetics are based on unique nanotechnologies that make it possible to take care of health and launch regeneration processes at the cellular level.

The perfectly balanced composition, including natural extracts, hyaluronic acid , essential oils and vitamin complexes, allows the skin to look smooth, supple and stay young and healthy for a long time. The advanced stages of processing raw materials and cosmetics packaging allow for a long shelf life without the use of harmful preservative substances. Products do not come into contact with oxygen and therefore are well stored. Due to this, all the lines of Plazan cosmetic products are hypoallergenic and have a wide range of use. “Plazan” is the medical cosmetics of the future, available to everyone today.